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  Monthly Highlights of Employment and Unemployment


This is a monthly PuThis is a monthly Publication of DGE&T. It reviews Employment and unemployment situation every month in terms of Registration, Placement and Live Register and Employment in the Organised Sector. It is a restricted publication and mainly meant for internal use in various Ministries
  AAnnual Report to The People on Employment --> 2010                  22011               2012  
    This is an annual publication of DGE&T. It gives complete information about the job seekers registered with the Employment Exchanges at State and All India level./font>/td> /tr>
  Employment Exchange Statistics
  Quick Estimates of Employment/font> It gives quarterly Quick estimates of employment in Organised Sector.
  Quarterly Employment Review It gives major industry-wise employment situation in the Organised Sector of the economy on quarterly basis.
  Annual Employment Review   This is an annual publication based on EMI data. It gives comprehensive data at three digit level classification of industry & complete analysis of Employment situation prevailing in the Organised Sector. The publication has been published for the year 1997.
  Occupational Educational Pattern of Employees in India 1996 2002 2003 This report presents occupational pattern, its analysis and educational profile of employees in the public sector as on 30th September, 1996. It is based on data collected through the occupational and educational pattern enquiry in respect of the public sector establishments coming under the purview of the Employment Market Information (EMI) programme.
  Census of Central Government Employees This gives the profile of the Central Government Employees working in various parts of the country. The census is carried out through the Employment Exchanges located in various parts of the country.  The latest publications are listed here
  Bulletin on Job Opportunities in India  
 Year --> 1999  2003
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This presents job opportunities available for persons possessing diploma, degree and post graduate qualifications in various branches of engineering, technology, agriculture, medicine, natural sciences, social sciences and teaching etc. The latest publication published is for the year 2003
  Trade Apprenticeship Training in India under Apprenticeship Training scheme   This is an annual publication brought out by the survey and study division of DGE&T. The publication presents statistics on Establishments engaged in Apprenticeship Training, intake capacity, output and their employability in the labour market along with brief analysis of present scenario. The latest publications are listed here.